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Founded in 2010, Dongguan Qingying Industrial Co., Ltd (QY) is a sophisticated fiber company located in two cities, Dongguan and Chongqing, in China. With more than 10,000m2 plant area, QY is now a company with integrated capability of R&D, production, trading and international sales.

QY is an ISO9001:2015 certified company with hundreds of customers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Australia. Our main products are fiber optic field installable connector (fast connector), patch cord, armored patch cord, pigtail, PLC splitter, attenuator, and many other FTTH products.

With 10-year experience in fiber optic industry, QY believes learning, cooperating, and sharing with customers is the best way to grow with customers. In the coming decade, QY will be aggressively develop new products per customers’ demand, and improve quality of existing products for customers. All QY’s employees are looking forward to serving and co-working with customers for fiber business in the future.

More than 10,000m2 plant area
Certified company with hundreds of customers
With 10-year experience in fiber optic industry
Our staff over 170 people.
Export p.c

The products specified in this Technical Specification shall meet the requirements of relevant international standards such as ITU-T and IEC, and shall also meet the requirements of :GB/T16529.4-1997 Optical Fiber and Cable Mechanical Connector, YD/T 1636-2007 "Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Architecture and General Requirements" YDT 2341.1-2011 Instant assembly optical fast connector, part I:mechanical Type China Telecom optical fast connector standard: (2010) No.953GR-326-CORE (Issue 3, 1999) Generic Requirements for Singlemode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies YD/T 1636-2007 FTTH system structure part VI: Optical fiber-cable mechanical fast connector.

Product classification
QSC52ZJ1 Fiber optic fast connector: A high performance, easy to use mechanical fiber
optic connector. It can be widely used in FTTH drop cable connection and
inter-connection. It has the same connection performance as the standard SC connector,
and can be connected directly to the standard SC adapter.

Applicable Optical Cables
FTTH drop cable (butterfly cable) (3x2mm, 2x1.6, width x height); Or according to
customer requirements: diameter 2.0, diameter 3.0 indoor flexible optical fiber cable and
0.9 tightly wrapped optical fiber cable;

  • 2005

    Our Factory establishment.

  • 2006

    First 100K USD order From USA clients.

  • 2007

    Add one more production line to Increase capacity.

  • 2008

    we success had weathered the global financial storms.

  • 2009

    Annual sales over Ten million RMB.

  • 2010

    Successfully developed the South American market.

  • 2011

    Add 3 more production line to meet the capacity.

  • 2012

    Our staff over 100 people.

  • 2015

    Ceramic sleeve production line to increase capacity.

  • 2016

    New office and Exhibition were  decorated .

  • 2017

    We are still on the way do the best communication products ,make your life more better.

  • 2018

    Our team is more and more stronger.

  • 2019

    We went to Brazil for the exhibition.