High Precision Fiber Cleaver FTTH Cable Fiber Optic Cutting Knife Tools Cutter 16 face Automatic

Short Description:

  • Product Model: QYCL-01
  • Appling Fiber : Single fiber
  • Fiber type : 0.25/0.9/3.0mm optical fiber
  • Coating Diameter : 125um
  • Cleaver Angle: ≤0.6
  • Blade Life: 48,000 cleaves
  • Mode: Semiautomatic
  • Dimesions (W x D x H) : 94 x75 x61mm
  • Weight : about 360g

  • Product Detail

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    Optical fiber cutter is mainly used for cutting optical fiber. The quality of the cutting knife of the optical fiber welding machine directly determines the quality of the optical fiber cutting, including whether the end face of the optical fiber is smooth, whether the angle of the end face meets the technical requirements, etc., and also directly determines whether the optical fiber welding can meet the technical requirements of the project. Product application: In the connection of all optical fibers, such as communication optical cable construction, fault repair and LAN optical cable construction, the end face of the connected optical fiber should be cut well, which must use the optical fiber cleaver.



    • Three in one 

    • Compfortable fexfure

    • Surface not easy to scratch

    • 16 cutting end face, long service life

    • Smooth cutting






    • Telecommunications networks

    • CATV, LAN, MAN, and WAN application

    • FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home)





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