What is private line network and home broadband?

As we all know, broadband is mainly divided into two types: private line and home broadband. Generally speaking, enterprise servers and cloud service providers usually use private line broadband, while ordinary households access home broadband.

What is a dedicated line network? What is the difference between private line and home broadband?

What is a private line network?

Private line refers to the provision of private line access methods relying on domestic backbone network and broadband metropolitan area network resources to meet the needs of enterprise group customers to access the Internet in prefectures and cities and develop various applications.

For example, China Mobile’s current Internet private lines are divided into three categories: PON access private lines, PTN access private lines, and OTN access private lines.

There are two main types of dedicated lines:

1. Physical dedicated channel. The physical dedicated channel is to lay a dedicated line between the service provider and the user. The line is only used independently by the user, and other data cannot enter this line, while the general line allows multiple users to share the channel.

2. Virtual dedicated channel; virtual dedicated channel is to reserve a certain bandwidth for users on the general channel, so that users can enjoy this part of the bandwidth exclusively, just like opening another channel on the public channel, only the corresponding users can use it, and User data is encrypted to ensure reliability and security.

What is home broadband?

Home broadband is an Internet access service launched by operators, which can provide a variety of bandwidth services from 4M to 200M, and can meet the multi-angle network life such as information browsing, mail transmission, video appreciation, data download, and online games.

Home broadband is like a trail

The composition of the home broadband network is like a highway system, and the “access line” is like the road connecting your door or the entrance and exit of the community to the municipal road, which usually has only one or two lanes.

user target audience

·Dedicated line: It is generally provided to unit users, and the price is more expensive than that of home width;

· Home Broadband: It is mainly for personal users, and it is more cost-effective for personal use.

Networking method

·Dedicated line: The exclusive bandwidth design ensures your bandwidth speed regardless of whether the network is idle or busy;

· Home Broadband: Adopt shared bandwidth design, the bandwidth may be affected by the number of users during peak network hours

Uplink and downlink transmission rates are different

· Dedicated line: The upstream and downstream speeds are the same, such as 50M bandwidth, to ensure that both upstream and downstream meet 50M;

· Home Broadband: The downlink bandwidth is high, and the uplink bandwidth is low.

For individual users, the demand for online downloads is relatively high, and the demand for uploading is relatively small. At work and at home, you can get a feel for uploading a larger file to your mailbox.

Cost and speed also vary

· Dedicated line: The cost is high, and the upstream and downstream speeds are the same.

·Home Broadband: Low cost and much lower uplink speeds than downlink speeds.

IP addresses and bandwidth are also different

 ·Dedicated line: Exclusive bandwidth, unlimited connections. Use a fixed public IP address. (You can use this address to open a website, FTP server and other external service functions).

 ·Home broadband: Shared bandwidth, leased IP, the number of connections is limited, the operator will regularly assign an IP to you, this IP is assigned today, and another IP may be assigned tomorrow.

Summary: Based on the above, it can be seen that the difference between private line network and home broadband is still very large. In contrast, private lines have the same bandwidth, fixed IP, low latency, and guaranteed bandwidth. The disadvantage is that the price is high; The advantage is that it is cheap.

Post time: Apr-07-2022