What is the armored fiber optic patch cord and its characteristics?

What is the armored patch cord?

Armored patch cord is a new type of optical fiber patch cord. A layer of stainless steel sleeve is specially designed to protect the optical fiber. It has the advantages and functions of a standard optical fiber patch cord, but at the same time has the durability of armor.

Structure of armored patch cord

Armored fiber patch cord refers to the addition of a layer of micro-caliber stainless steel sheath to the fiber, and then a layer of aramid yarn and spiral stainless steel armor to wrap the bare fiber.

Non-Armored fiber optic cable VS armored fiber optic cable

Mainly add a layer of micro-caliber spiral stainless steel sheath outside the optical fiber, which enhances the pressure resistance, but also ensures the same flexibility as the standard optical fiber patch cord and various superior optical properties of the optical fiber itself. The micro-caliber stainless steel hose acts as the protective layer closest to the optical fiber and can prevent damage caused by mechanical forces.

High-strength aramid reinforcements ensure that the optical fiber has no tensile strain. The outer diameter is a standard optical cable. The outer diameter is suitable for the application of various connector parts, is Lightweight, has good bending performance, and has high flexibility.

Some armored patch cords also use high-strength PVC as the surface material, which can be flame-retardant, chemically resistant, tear-resistant, and also increase the softness and elasticity of the armored fiber optic patch cord.

Features of armored patch cord

The armored fiber patch cord has the characteristics of high tensile strength, compression resistance, rat-bite resistance, and is not easy to be damaged by stepping on it. Armored patch cord can be laid directly outdoors and in various harsh environments without the use of protective sleeves. The bending and diameter of the optical cable are not greatly restricted, which greatly saves

space and increases the ease of construction and deployment. , Reduce construction costs. Although armored fiber optic cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cord and can be bent at will without breaking.

Armored fiber optic patch cord can have terminal interface types such as SC, ST, FC, LC, and MU. It can be applied to complex environments such as building wiring, the optical connection of key equipment room equipment, field operations, sensor detection, fiber to the home, and community backbone network wiring. The stainless steel sheath can protect the fiber patch cord from squeezing and prevent rodents from penetrating. Another application of armored fiber optic patch cord is in data centers, which can provide flexible interconnections for active devices, passive optical devices, and cross-connects.

Post time: Oct-13-2021